Saturday, November 14, 2009

ISIS (Finishing School) Morning Walk Sessions -Leadership qualities

The subject taken on 12th For discussion is "Managing Team"
Assignment to the students:
Identify an incident when you were below 10 where you refused to accept and execute a task given to you by your parents for various reasons and talk about the same at the end of the morning walk in 10 seconds

Aswini's Story:
It is a family culture to distribute sweets and snaks on Onam day (Onam is one of the clourful festivals of Kerala a Southern State of India) to nighbouring following other religions. I refused to take sweets to a nearby by Muslim household and my father scolded and punished me to accept the order. Later I realised that my father was right and I was wrong in not accepting what he told just becuase I wanted to play with my cousins.
Rekha's Story:
During one of the mornings , my mother asked my father to go to the near by retail shop to get sugar as there is no sugar for making the tea and milk. In turn my dad asked me to go and get the same. Obviously I refused as I was busy playing with my siblings and cousins. My father forced me to go. However on the way I lost the rupees 100 note and reached the shop without money as I had forgotten the main purpose of my going to the shop. I had come back back without getting sugar and told my father that I have lost the note and what happened later is not hard to guess.

How the parents could have done it better.
Consider your father as your team leader or put yourself in your fathers shoe and you as your team member to whom you have assigned the task. You would have taken up the tasks had your father had explained the reason for assigning the task to you and what is the benefit that is in for you and what it will bring to the family.

Takeaway for the day
When you become a leader and want to assign taks to your team, ensure that you explain what is the stake for them and what is in for you. Get the team to accept the task rather than just odering to do.