Tuesday, August 9, 2011


ORA-12547: TNS:lost contact


Oracle 11.2.x was installed by oracle user ora11 in a AIX 6.1.

Sqlplus “/as sysdba” was going through when executed by ora11 user. However the same was not going through when executed through any other user who belongs to a dba group.


1. Checked the user rights of both the users using id command.

uid=205(finadm) gid=15(dba) groups=1(staff),

uid=202(ora11) gid=15(dba) groups=1(staff)

OS level user rights are same for both the users

2. Copied and compared the .profile of both users and still the issue was faced by finadm user.

3. Tried to bring up the listener by either users. No issues for listener

4. Resolved that the issue had to be with Oracle Installation and checked the oracle binary.


Oralce binay file under $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle should have sticky bit set so that if any user who runs that executable file assumes the ID of the owner (or group) of the executable file.

chmod +s $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle

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